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Startup Stack

Managed Private Servers

Nextcloud Hub • ONLYOFFICE • Matrix / Element • Email • LDAP • DNS
Ghost • WordPress • Magento • LEMP Stack
GitLab • Elastic Stack • Zammad • Matomo • and more

We’re Your IT Department

Startup Stack provides professionally managed, private hosting services for your business’ critical infrastructure.

Our Core Stack gets you started with the essential systems that every business needs: Nextcloud Hub for secure, private document storage and sharing; ONLYOFFICE for online document editing; Matrix / Element for secure team communications; an email server with unlimited addresses and distribution lists; and LDAP for central account management.

From there you can add services suited to your specific needs, such as web servers providing information about your business or a full eCommerce suite, and productivity servers for source code management, help desk, customer relationship management, customer billing, community discussion forums, website analytics, and more. Don’t see what you need? Ask us!

We specialize in providing IT services to startups, small, and growing businesses. You get high-quality systems, similar to those a large enterprise uses, at small business prices.

Let us focus on the technology you need, you focus on making your business successful.

Our Service Plans

Nextcloud Hub, OnlyOffice, and Matrix logos

The Core Stack – Nextcloud Hub, ONLYOFFICE, Matrix / Element, Email, LDAP, and DNS

Start with a solid foundation, covering all of your basic IT needs. The Core Stack can be scaled to the size of your business.

The Core Stack includes:

  • Nextcloud Hub powered private cloud server for secure storage of files, calendars, contacts, and more.
  • Online office document editing via ONLYOFFICE.
  • Secure team communications powered by Matrix with a Element web client. Can connect to Slack.
  • TURN server for private audio and video conferencing.
  • Private email server with spam filtering, phishing protection, and anti-virus. Unlimited accounts and distribution lists.
  • Central account management via LDAP. Unlimited user accounts and groups.
  • Secure DNS server with DNSSEC.

The main pillars of the Core Stack, Nextcloud Hub / ONLYOFFICE, Matrix / Element, and Email are also available as Stand-alone Servers.

Ghost, WordPress, and Magento logos

Web Servers – Ghost, WordPress, Magento, or LEMP Stack

Your company’s website is how it presents itself to your customers. Whether you want a bare LEMP Stack where your webmaster can install anything they want, or a full-featured CMS like Ghost or WordPress to get you started, we have you covered.

Need an eCommerce solution? We’ll soon be adding Magento, a powerful eCommerce platform that can create just about any kind of store you want.

GitLab, Zammad, and Discourse logos

Productivity – GitLab, Zammad, Discourse, and more

You need the tools to run your business and take care of your customers.

Developing a software product? GitLab is an all-in-one platform for source code management, issue tracking, continuous integration, and more.

Zammad provides a powerful help desk and knowledge base to help you help your customers.

Building a community? Discourse is the leading community discussion forum.

See All of Our Service Plans

Own Your Data

At Startup Stack, all the services we provide are on private servers dedicated to you, and you alone. Your data stays on your servers.

Other hosting providers run as many customers as possible on the same servers. This keeps their costs down but mixes your services and data in with everyone else.

Should one of their customers get breached, they often all get breached. If another customer uses more of the server’s capability, your services suffer.

What’s worse, is that many of the larger hosting providers have their own uses for your data. Ever stored a confidential document on Google Drive or GSuite? Read their Terms of Service lately?

When you upload, submit, store, send or receive content to or through our Services, you give Google (and those we work with) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works (such as those resulting from translations, adaptations or other changes we make so that your content works better with our Services), communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content.

How about Gmail?

Google filing says Gmail users have no expectation of privacy — c|net

And it’s not just Google, Amazon (see §3.3), Microsoft, and others have similar policies. When hosting and privacy isn’t their primary business, your data is just another resource to them.

Own Your Identity

Modern businesses require a professional presence on the Internet. Still using a email address? Have a website with someone else’s domain name in the URL?

All services hosted at Startup Stack run on your domain name, your URLs and email addresses are completely under your control.

Have multiple domain names? Have a domain name that gets easily mis-typed? No problem. We support unlimited domain aliases, all of your domain names will redirect web traffic and email to your primary domain.

Reliable, Private, And Secure

All of your services run on servers private to your business. Your servers are physically hosted by Linode, an industry leader with solid networking and lightning fast hardware.

Professionally Managed

Our staff of experienced IT professionals set up, secure, monitor, and manage your servers. The software is kept up to date, and all servers have intrusion detection, firewalls, and DDoS protection.

The various services integrate to the best extent possible for a seamless user experience.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We ensure your servers are kept running.

High-Speed Networking

Each server has 40Gbps inbound and 2Gbps to 6Gbps outbound bandwith, depending on plan. Each data center has redundant high-speed internet connections.


Each server is backed up daily. Backups are securely stored and multiple backups are kept.

Global Data Centers

You have your choice of 11 locations around the world to physically locate your servers. Keep your servers near your users and customers to give them the best experience.

We currently offer data centers in: Tokyo, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, Frankfurt, London, Toronto, Newark, Atlanta, Dallas, and Fremont.

Built to Grow With You

The software we provide doesn’t limit the number of users you can have, but higher workloads require more powerful servers to keep everything running smoothly. Rather than pay for hardware you don’t need, we can scale your hardware to meet actual usage requirements.

You can start small, and work up to more powerful hardware as your business grows. Our systems can scale up to handle any size organization.

Take Control

We consider your servers to be just that, your servers, we just manage them for you. In fact, when we lease your hardware from our hosting provider, we even set them up in your name.

We also expect your business to grow to the point where you’ll eventually want to bring your IT department in-house. Say the word and we’ll hand you the keys to your servers, you can take over from there. No migration, no starting over.

We’re here to help your grow your business, not lock you in to ours.

Open Source

All of the software we install is open source. This has a number of advantages:

  • No Licensing Costs — Keep your operating costs low.
  • Community — Support doesn’t require expensive contracts.
  • Freedom from Vendor Lock-in — You’re not reliant on a single vendor for systems your business relies on.
  • Transparency — The source code is publicly visible. Bugs and security issues get found, and fixed, quickly. You don’t have to worry about the software doing things behind your back.
  • Faster Updates — Open-source software generally responds to the needs of their users more rapidly.
  • More Control — Should the software not entirely meet your needs, you can modify it yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.

Worried that open source solutions aren’t powerful enough to run your business? We built our business around these tools, if they weren’t up to the job, we wouldn’t be offering them to you.

Note that some of the systems offer additional features with a paid license. Where possible, we offer discounted rates for those licenses. Contact our sales department for more information.


Our prices are flat rate, based on the service and the type of server hardware needed to support your requirements. We do not charge per user and have no hidden fees. We have no long-term contracts and you may cancel your service at any time, for any reason.

For each subscription we create a new, private server, custom configured to your needs, and dedicated to serve only your company.

This level of service may make our up-front pricing a bit higher than our competition, however, you’ll find that as your business grows and you add more users, our flat-rate pricing model becomes extremely competitive.

When shopping around, be sure to compare apples to apples. Low price offerings are generally proprietary SaaS solutions running on shared systems, not individual, private, open-source, servers.

Furthermore, proprietary SaaS solutions are generally designed to be difficult to migrate away from. We don’t believe in vendor lock-in. We’re here to help you, not the other way around.