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Ghost Server

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Ghost is an easy to use, modern content management system (CMS). It allows you to rapidly create a professional web site by simply filling in content and not worrying about all the details. Ghost is well suited to sites that regulary publish additional content, like blogs and magazines, but also works well for creating more static, informative web sites.

Ghost has a marketplace of professionaly designed themes allowing you to select the look and feel for your web site that matches the character of your business.

Take a look at Ghost’s features to see if it’s the right platform for your web site. If your web site requires more functionality, WordPress may be a better fit. Compare Ghost vs WordPress.

As with all of our servers, HTTPS certificates with your choice of domain names are included at no extra charge.

$50/month – Free Setup

Private Server – 1 CPU • 2GB RAM • 50GB SSD Storage
Server Upgrades Available