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About Us

Startup Stack was founded with a mission.

The Internet and the Web were designed to be universal, decentralized platforms, where anyone could connect, publish content, or host a service on an equal footing. The trend for some time now has been for a few giant companies to create centralized services, gather everyone’s data, and restrict their choice of solutions. They want to own your your critical infrastructure and data, so your business can’t survive without them.

We want to see the internet become decentralized again, with companies owning their own infrastructure, and taking control of their own data.

We get it. Running internet connected services is hard. Technology evolves at a rapid pace, new security threats emerge all the time, and the knowledge required to set up and maintain even a single service can be overwhelming, let alone an entire technology stack.

Large companies can afford to have an entire IT department to handle this. What are smaller companies supposed to do? Even if you have the knowledge and skills, you don’t have the resources, time, or energy to spend on IT while you’re focused on building your business.

That’s where we come in.

Our mission is to help get you started with your own private IT infrastructure. We’ll take care of your servers while you take care of business.

We’re here to help you, not control you. We custom build private servers, just for you, hosted at high-performance data centers around the world.

We expect your business to grow to the point where you can bring your IT in house. When you get to that point, we’ll gladly turn over management of your servers and consider it a job well done. No starting over, no learning new systems, no migrating data.

Company Information

Startup Stack LLC is based in San Diego, California, USA. Founded by a team of IT professionals with decades of experience.

Company Headquarters

Startup Stack LLC
11835 Carmel Mountain Rd.
Suite 1304 #363
San Diego, CA, 92128