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Gitlab Server

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If your company develops a software product, GitLab is an indispensable tool.

GitLab begins with a full-featured source code repository, based on git, including all the features you expect, like an integrated issue tracker, wikis, and more.

But GitLab goes beyond that to provide a complete DevOps platform. By enabling Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) GitLab can automatially build, deploy, and monitor your applications.

Having a GitLab server is like having your own private GitHub, only more powerful.

We install the GitLab Enterprise Edition with a Core license. Starter, Premium, and Ultimate licenses are available.

Includes GitLab Pages with HTTPS and custom domains, and Docker Container Registry. With a Premium or Ulitmate license, the Conan Repository, Maven Repository, and NPM Registry are also enabled.

Integrates with the Core Stack to provide LDAP account management. Add an Elastic Stack server to provide Advanced Global Search and Advanced Syntax Search.

As with all of our servers, HTTPS certificates with your choice of domain names are included at no extra charge.

Note that CI/CD requires connecting your GitLab server to a Kubernetes cluster (not included). We currently support Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).


Private Server – 2 CPUs • 4GB RAM • 80GB SSD Storage
Server Upgrades Available