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Zammad Server

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Zammad is a stand-alone help desk and knowledge base to help you support your customers.

Customers can create support tickets via web forms, online chat, phone, SMS, email, or social media. When your support agents respond, Zammad automatically sends the response via the best means, e.g. email, SMS, or social media.

Your agents have a central dashboard to track and assign all outstanding tickets. Your customers can track the status of their tickets directly in your support portal.

Zammad can also recognize the organization your customer is associated with and track appropriate response times based on service level agreements (SLAs).

Your support agents can take common questions and answers and convert them directy to the knowledge base, so future customers can find the information they need by themselves.

As with all of our servers, HTTPS certificates with your choice of domain names are included at no extra charge.

To enable its full text search capability, Zammad requires an Elastic Stack server.


Private Server – 2 CPU • 4GB RAM • 80GB SSD Storage
Server Upgrades Available