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LEMP Stack

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A LEMP Stack gives you all the tools you need to install your own web based software, creating any kind of web site you want, from static web sites to full-featured applications.

We start with a Linux OS, using the latest version of Debian, add the open source version of the Nginx web server, a MySQL database (MariaDB), and a modern version of PHP.

But our LEMP Stack goes beyond the basics, we also include Python, NodeJS, Ruby, and Java runtimes for your choice of programming environment. We also include PostgreSQL and Redis databases.

For static web sites, we include the Hugo static web site generator. Connect to your GitLab Server for change management and automatic site updates.

Need more? Ask us, we can likely install it.

You get shell access via SSH to transfer files and configure the server to your needs. Root access is also available if needed.

As with all of our servers, HTTPS certificates with your choice of domain names are included at no extra charge.

$25/month – Free Setup

Private Server – 1 CPU • 2GB RAM • 50GB SSD Storage
Server Upgrades Available